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I had a dream about meeting Harry Potter and it was ridiculous

23 Oct

I’m relatively low key. I believe. I mean I have my moments. But I tend to sit back. I’m a little reserved. Saying hello first pushes me outside my comfort zone.

I try to be friendly, and I like meeting new people, but I’m not particularly known for my exuberance.

Until I had a dream about meeting Harry Potter.

In general, I get kind of embarrassed at loud displays in public. So most people would think if I met Daniel Radcliffe in real life, I would be chill about it.

That is not the case according to my dream.

In my dream the exact way I greeted him was:





I spilled all over him with fandom froth and it was perfectly clear that while he was used to exuberant fans, I was definitely the most exuberant, ridiculous example of fandom.

And it’s all happening years after the last movie came out, when the excitement had calmed down a little.

I for sure took him by surprise.

I even apologized about Snape. Seriously.

Harry Potter, Kinley Baker, Romance Author, Snape Wand

Snape’s wand.

I’m embarrassed that I even dreamed this. It is SO out of character.

I mean, I want to meet Harry/Daniel, but now I’m thinking if I ever get the opportunity, maybe I should just… not meet him.

I don’t really want to take the risk that this is how I’ll react. Can you imagine that video going viral?

Every time anyone sees me they’ll just shout: HARRR-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Introducing my peeps

21 Oct
Fairytales, Romance Author, Kinley Baker, Princess, Knight, Dragon, Unicorn, Wizard

Please meet (in order from left to right): Frank, Mary, John, Forge, Cal, and Uri.

I’m just kidding. They don’t have names. Although Uri the Unicorn is going in a story. It’s just happening.

Over the weekend I attended the Emerald City Writers’ Conference and it was SO FUN. It’s probably the best conference I’ve attended. I met several people I’ve been talking to for years online. I never had the pleasure of meeting them in person before.

Maya Banks, Robyn Carr, and Karen Rose were all amazing speakers.

I also realized many unpublished friends I’ve met over the past four years at ECWC are now published. Fantastic!

And I signed at the book fair. My peeps (Frank, Mary, John, Forge, Cal, and Uri) even hung out. Because that’s how I roll.

Book Signing, kinley baker, author, romance author

I’ll have free fairytale finger puppets available next signing (stay tuned for info).

Thank you all for being so nice to me. You rock! It’s as simple as that. 😉

I don’t want to change your mind about me before tomorrow

18 Oct

Tomorrow I’m attending a conference. I will be signing Saturday at 4:30 p.m. I’ll be doing eBook only even though you can buy a few of my books in paperback.

However, please do visit because I will be giving away something strange (not super strange… just mildly strange). See what I did there? Incorporated the theme of this blog.


Here is the information!

Since I don’t want you to change your mind about me before we possibly meet, I’m going to keep this simple.

Have a great weekend. 😀

When fiction is awesome and reality… isn’t

16 Oct

Some of you might know that I really enjoy reading stories about bear shifters. I don’t know why, exactly. But I love them.

Or at least, I did.

I should put a disclaimer on this post. If you don’t like to be confronted by nature and how hard it can be to survive in the wilderness, please don’t read on.

One day I’m tweeting about how much I love bear shifters.

Later that night I’m watching North America (recommended for all authors).

Then something horrible happens.

The documentary shows bears. They are very cute! Oh, and look! Cubs! Adorable.

Then the narrator says this: Adult male bears in the wild will kill cubs if they get in their way.

*Stares in horror at screen*

They didn’t just say…

Yes, they did.

Male bears get very violent when they’re defending their food. Which makes sense. I mean the wild is not an easy place to survive.

I’m not going to lie. Reality kind of ruined bear shifters for me.

I hope one day I can move on from this devastation. But until then…

I’m horrified.

And people are like why do you read so much? Why do you write romance?

Because in fiction, bear shifters are big, growly attractive men with hearts of gold. In reality, bears are well… not.

(No offense to bears! I know… it’s nature.)

It’s impossible to be perfect

14 Oct

How many of you have ever wanted to be perfect?

*raises hand slowly*

It’s okay. You’re amongst friends. You can admit it.

I get very caught up in this idea of perfection. I was even talking to my mom the other day and I said something about being tired of everyone thinking I’m perfect with no problems. My mom said not to worry, that no one thinks I’m perfect.

Gee, thanks mom.

But she’s right. The reason I feel that way sometimes is because I put pressure on my own shoulders. I’m the one who’s creating my own worst enemy.

Then I got to thinking. And I realized it is literally impossible to be perfect. Because whatever idolized view of yourself you have, someone else’s idea of perfection is different. Outside forces will never view you in the same light as yourself.

This means you’ll never be universally perfect, which pretty much negates the definition.

Wanting to succeed isn’t bad. But when it becomes an obsession. When the lack of succeeding turns into a kind of self-hate, it’s no longer healthy.

So I’m making a statement today. I am not perfect. I neither want to be perfect nor will be perfect.

Okay, so the last line is an exaggeration but I would like to be in that mind frame at some point in my life.

How to make a writing fort

11 Oct

Sometimes we’re told as adults that we can’t do things we did as children. Society insists we must “grow up” and “become responsible”.

Which is fine. Until you try to grow up and/or become responsible.

It’s hard. And there is no manual.

Maybe that’s how I’ll make my living.

How to grow up, be mature, and thrive at adulthood


Lately, I’m not convinced that whoever is perpetuating this message knows what they’re talking about. Why do we have to be this idealized version of an adult?

My favorite adults are the ones who say, you know… I like playing board games. So I will.

Which brings me to my point. People (who are these people, anyway?) say adults can’t make forts.

Well, can’t is the wrong world.

Because I did.

They could say shouldn’t. They are allowed to their opinions.

But can’t?

Well, no.

Here is proof:

writing fort, forts, kinley baker, romance author, writing advice, how to write and succeed

Kinley’s Writing Fort

How to make a writing fort:

1.) Push two comfortable chairs together.

2.) Drape one fleece blanket over each chair.

3.) Place a final blanket over the section where you’ll be sitting.

4.) The dog is optional.


  • Don’t feel restricted by this design. Follow your heart.
  • There are no rules to adult fort building.
  • Pets are allowed.
  • Writing may or may not get done.
  • Productivity not guaranteed.
  • You don’t have to use Seattle sports team blankets (but this is encouraged).

Sometimes I just want to make a fort in my living room. It’s not hurting anyone. It’s comfortable.

Why not?

Also, I wanted to let you know that Kissing Her Scrooge, releasing December 5th from Carina press, is up for pre-order with the blurb! If you’re interested in learning more about my pageant president heroine who falls for a grumpy tree farmer who doesn’t celebrate the season, please check it out, HERE. 🙂 I’m excited for this one, all.

Have a great weekend!

The thing that both fascinates and terrifies me about Revolution

9 Oct

I recently watched twenty episodes of Revolution in a row.

I had good intentions of blogging consistently last week, but then all of a sudden it was yesterday.

Where did the time go?

I know what you’re thinking…

You watched twenty episodes of Revolution. That’s where your time went.

Well, yeah, and I’m ridiculously paranoid about a blackout now, but that doesn’t make me sorry.

In Revolution, the enemy isn’t aliens or zombies (although I like when both are enemies in shows).

The scariest part about Revolution is that the enemy is ourselves.

The question is how can humanity survive in a desperate world?

I don’t mean humanity as a whole. I mean the basic fundamental line between good and evil. What happens when that line is toed, or moved, or altered? For survival. For power. For love.

It’s fascinating.

And terrifying.

Suddenly everyone is an enemy. No one can be trusted. Even families have their breaking points. How much can blood connections endure?

What damage do secrets wreck on our souls?

The way we survive defines us. What if after fifteen years of living in a post-apocalyptic world, no one innocent is left?

Everyone has been too damaged. Too scarred. They’ve lost everyone they care about. And they’re reluctant to allow strangers close.

Why would they? They’ll only lose that person, too. Like everyone else gone from their lives. Or they’ll be betrayed, as we’ve seen on the show.

Yet there is this strange kind of hope. A glimmer of something inside us that does make us choose right over wrong, even if it means ending up dead.

A piece of our soul that can’t be altered by the outside world because it lives inside us.

Is it in our DNA? Or did the world before the end make us this way?

Will children born after the apocalypse have compassion? Or will they become indifferent to violence?

It’s fascinating. And terrifying. And I can’t stop watching.

I can’t stop wondering. What does humanity mean?

In a reality that isn’t technically post-apocalyptic, are we struggling with the same questions even now?

trees, Kinley Baker, Romance Author, Zombie Apocalypse, Zombies

Don’t worry about the zombies invading. Worry about the humans.

I suppose that’s why I write fiction. Sitting around and thinking about these things without a creative outlet might drive a person to madness. Not that I’m not full up on madness. 😉