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Mrs. Fix It

22 May

Most of you know I work as an Administrative Professional because I celebrated Admin Day, and no one really does that unless they’re an admin.

But I also have a superpower that comes in handy for being an admin. I have the ability to accidentally figure things out.

What can I say? It’s a gift.

Also related to this, people don’t find this amusing. One time someone in another department was having a problem and they were obviously frustrated. They asked if I could help, and I said I could probably figure it out accidentally.

They were not amused. I hate when my jokes go over poorly. Lol.

But then I did accidentally figure it out. Don’t ask me how.

I think we’re creating a generation of fixers with our constantly advancing technology. Our brains are learning to click around Word until we figure out Track Changes, or whatever issue we’re facing.

It’s always a little awkward when someone asks me something and I have to say, “Can I go try to figure it out on my computer?”

But everyone wins when things get fixed.

What do you think? Are you a fixer?

This post really got me thinking. I think we undervalue certain skillsets. Do you have a skill that comes in super handy but doesn’t necessarily translate into a career?

I like the idea of a generation of fixers. Let’s teach kids how to problem solve. I think the ability to take something frustrating and solve the issue simply is going to make life a little easier on everyone.

-Kinley Baker


The problem with protesting too much

26 Apr

As some of you know, Wednesday was Admin Day. Many people visited the blog for the first time because they must have Googled the phrase. My husband’s response was that people were trying to figure out if Admin Day was a real thing.

Oh, burn.

Lol. Basically, every year I get excited about Admin Day. And every year I regret bringing it up. Because people say thank you, and they are very nice, but it inevitably ends up awkward (because of me).

This year I walked into work, and there was a plaque above my desk that said: “World’s Greatest Administrative Professional.”

I did not make that sign.

Do you believe me?

Because I really didn’t make it.

But all day I felt the need to assure people that I was not the person who made this sign.

Which of course made people think I made the sign.

Because who goes out of their way to preemptively warn people about a sign they didn’t make unless they made it (unless you’re me)?

I didn’t make it. You all believe me, right?


Hello? Did you all run away?


For those of you remaining…


Have a nice weekend.

Also, thank you very much to the person who made the sign (because it wasn’t me). It was very thoughtful and kind! You’re awesome.

The sign = awesome. The way I handled it = awkward.

Who’s surprised?


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It’s sunny around here. Enjoy the day!


Happy Admin Day!

24 Apr

Happy Admin Day!

Today is Administrative Professionals’ Day. There are many definitions, but I think anyone who works as a support staff professional should be celebrated.

Also, I’m completely biased because I’m familiar with admin work. It might be my day job.

Happy Admin Day, Admin Day, To Do List, Writing List, Kinley Baker, Romance Author

Every Admin’s To-Do List.

What do you think of my picture? I thought it was funny. Don’t worry, on this blog laughter is only encouraged, not required.

I think today is a great day to appreciate everyone who helps us on a day-to-day basis. We all want to say thanks to the people in our lives who work behind the scenes to make things easier. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

Take today to appreciate your loved ones, and your liked ones.

I enjoy working behind the scenes and making life easier for other people. I think a lot of admins and support staff professionals do.

The only trouble is that not every admin writes posts about Admin Day on their blogs, because they are more modest than I am.

So go thank them. They deserve your praise much more than those of us announcing the day.



Just kidding.

Kind of.

From me, thank you to everyone who works behind the scenes! We see you there. Even if you’d rather we didn’t.

And those of you who are more vocal and demanding, I thank you, as well. You keep us all entertained. 😉