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Because life is like a chore chart

29 Apr

Some of you might not know this, but I get an A+ at adulthood.

Grade, Letter, Kinley Baker, Romance Author

Also, I’m completely joking. I’d give myself a C-. Maybe.

Grade, Letter, Kinley Baker, Romance Author

The good and bad thing about life is that there are no grades.

This was very disconcerting after I graduated college. I started working for a company and after a while I just looked around and wondered, so how am I doing at this adulthood thing?

No one answered me.

I started thinking about this because I recently made myself a chore chart. That’s right. I’m so horrible at cleaning, that I need a chart to keep track of my house.

I asked my husband if we could get stickers and print out a fancy, laminated poster, but the response I got to that was moving past sarcasm into I’m not dignifying that with a response land.

Basically, life is like a chore chart without the fun stickers. We go through our days this way, planning out what we need to do and checking everything off our lists.

It’s not bad because we get things done. We also forget to pause and just appreciate the simple things.

I want to focus on the simple things and be thankful for the people I have in my life. I get too caught up in the small details and don’t often enough appreciate the larger gifts like my family.

The great thing about a chore chart is that at the end, you get a prize. If you do what you need to do, and check everything off, you get praise and a feeling of self-satisfaction.

In this example, I suppose the prize for all our daily struggles is life. In all its toughness. In all its glory. In all its pain. In all the contradictions that make up something very, very complex.

I can’t always think of the right thing to say when horrible things happen. Sometimes no words seemed strong enough to express my condolences. But I think that’s okay. Thoughtful silence can be okay.

That doesn’t mean that we’re not right there with you. We can’t always relate to every event, but compassion bridges the gap of understanding.

As long as we have compassion, we have hope.

You’re never alone, especially with the way communication travels across the world now. You have a lot of people sending you prayers. You have a lot of people with you in their thoughts.

You have a lot of people forgetting about their chore charts because what they care about more than that is you.

-Kinley Baker