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Endured Cover Reveal and Blurb!

5 May

I’m happy to share the cover of ENDURED!

Endured, Shadowed Love, Romance Novel, Fantasy Romance, Kinley Baker, Rain, Sword

And the BLURB!

Princess Arianna rises up to defend the women of the Gaspar from the men who made her a victim. Her pain is raw. Her need for the one man out of her reach is vicious. She must save the Gaspar women and prove her worth to a kingdom who questions her strength.

The Head Guard, Reid, depends on his control to tame the darkness inside him because his secrets are better locked away. Only one woman holds the key to breaking him completely. His loyalty is first to the king. Or is it? Ari has the power to bring him to his knees. With his inevitable death by the shadows looming on the horizon, he can’t afford to fall.

King Valerian grants the Gaspar women sanctuary. But the Gaspar men won’t stop fighting until every Shadow Shifter is dead. One side won’t survive the battle.

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