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Puzzle failure, but super thoughtful failure

8 May

Like Valentine’s Day this year, I had no budget for my husband’s birthday. So I had to think of something thoughtful to make him for free.

Guess what I made?

Yes, a puzzle. How did you know?

So here’s the deal. Up until now, I haven’t been serious about puzzle making. And by I haven’t been serious, I mean I’ve never Googled how to make them.

But then my husband’s birthday present happened.

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Complete Puzzle Failure

This puzzle fails in so many ways.

I had this strange idea of cutting the pieces at different angles, but it didn’t work. Not only that, but I numbered the pieces and somehow inverted them, so this puzzle will never be put back together. My husband will never see the full, completed design.

When this happened, I just felt like the whole puzzle world was thinking, poser. And I had this irrational need to become legit.

So I Googled puzzle making, which made me feel like more of a poser. Real pro puzzle makers probably don’t search How To Puzzle Make on the internet.

If I’m going to do this right, I have to do it right, right? No Google clues.

Anyway, it was a disaster. Luckily, his family got him amazingly thoughtful gifts, and I think he ended up having a pretty good birthday.

This just goes to show you. Not all puzzles are made to be solved.

Especially when the creator has no idea what they’re doing.

I wanted to end this post with, at least I didn’t have the idea to handcraft puppets. But now I’m going to end it with, maybe, next, I’ll try to make puppets.

-Kinley Baker


How do we stay creative in a world that’s ruled by laws?

15 Apr
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*insert something about slapping a ruler*

Lately I feel constrained by the construction of our society. On the one hand, advancement allows me to be addicted to my phone. On the other hand, there are so many rules we have to follow, I have a really hard time keeping up with all the quicksand.

With the digital world cracked wide open, we’re all running around the internet waving our hands and screaming, “YAY!!!”


As we should be doing. It’s amazing that we can connect to people we never would have known if now was twenty years ago.

But right now, I’m standing on the edge of a lot of decisions. Each direction I toe the line, I feel like I’m getting slapped back.

We’ve seen the trouble with the internet. Lawsuits are running rampant. I admit that I struggle with fear when I read these frightening articles and posts.

I know we can’t take images that aren’t our own and post them anywhere. I just wish it was easier to tell which images are okay, and which are protected.

I wish it was easier to learn how to publish safely and how to mitigate our risk.

I see so much risk in this business.

I’d love to hear about your resources and suggestions.

I wish it was as simple as flagging something. “Hey, this is free content!”…“Hey, this is NOT free content!”

I’m not a rule breaker by nature and I have no inclination to deviate from my current path. But I wish it was easier to figure out the rules.

Yes, trial-and-error works. But I’m also kind of a perfectionist, so I’d really rather avoid the mistakes before they happen. Unfortunately some things can only be learned the hard way, and I’ve gone through challenges I wouldn’t understand if I hadn’t lived through them.

With some basic things like sharing content, though, there has to be a better way.

I have so many stories to tell, but I fear telling them.

I can’t be alone in this… Or has my paranoia reached new levels of ridiculousness?

Stranger things have happened.

-Kinley Baker