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Dance battles to solve the world’s problems

18 Mar

Destiny ensured I was an average dancer because if I was an amazing dancer, I would solve all my problems with dance battles. I’m not kidding.

Out of coffee at work? Dance battle. New arrangement at the grocery store? Dance battle. Argument with my husband? Dance… Well, you get the idea.

This is my dream. And since this would plague the lives of those around me, the world chose not to bestow me with those powers. Super disappointing.

The only thing more disappointing is not being able to sing. I am a rock star in my heart. You’re welcome. If I thought I was a rock star anywhere else, the universe would suffer.

Despite the fact I would not win a dance battle, I do think it would be interesting to use them to solve the world’s problems.

This always works out well in dance movies. I LOVE dance movies. I watched a ton this weekend. You can blame them for this post.

But seriously, people. More dance battles.

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)