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Desperation is the downfall of well-intentioned people

8 Apr

This might be naïve (shocker), but I tend to think most people are well-intentioned. I think this is a positive thing for society. When you have well-intentioned people on the planet, things are probably going to be okay.

They aren’t trying to cause trouble. They’re just living their life and moseying along, tipping their cowboy hats to the masses.

But there is a major downfall. I’ve started noticing a pretty distinct pattern.

Desperation is when well-intentioned people falter. Desperation is where it all goes wrong.

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At some point, this flower felt desperate. It’s life, man.

We’ve all been there. I know, I’m calling you all desperate, now you’ll run away. You all probably think I’m so mean to you… I’m just being honest…


Hear me out.

I’m not calling you desperate, per say. I just think sometimes we find ourselves in awkward positions, and the desperation to get out leaks nasty fluids.

Too visceral?

There’s that feeling that makes us do things that we wouldn’t do under normal circumstances. We all have the ability to fall into this dark hole, and the horrible thing is that it can all be documented on the internet.

One stray thought. One thoughtless picture. DOCUMENTED. For all time.

This is why we go promo crazy when we’re trying to sell our books, our gadgets, or our time. We start out levelheaded. We start out smart. We’re calm and rational beings at one with our even-keeled sides.

But as the time goes by… As we’re disillusioned… As the road traveled gets a little bumpy, I’ve found myself getting a little… desperate.

This is where we get down with our bad selves, but not the good bad.

When I think back on my life, desperation has always been my downfall. I’ve found myself in the most damaging situations when I was desperate for something.

Desperate for love, attention, friendship. That curling anxiety in our stomachs is what makes us act out against the best of our intentions.

I wish I had a way to halt those feelings. I wish I had a way to take a deep breath and just STOP.

We need to remember that life doesn’t owe us anything. I need to remember this most of all.

We don’t need to start feeling desperate, because we can come together and remind each other that it’s okay. Things aren’t working out, but that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future.

Things seem desperate, but they’re not. Life can always get worse. How’s that for a pep talk?

Really, though, I wanted to write this post because I thought it was important. Not because I know calling you all desperate will lose all my followers (please don’t run away). But because I get desperate and that’s when I make all my bad decisions.

We can’t allow ourselves to fall down the sink hole in this digital world. Everyone has their cameras aimed and their derision at the ready.

Have you ever found yourself getting a little desperate? Is that when you tend to go beyond the best of your intentions? Or am I a lone, desperate soul?

It’s possible. 😉

Let’s stick together and watch out for those potholes. When we start to panic, talk to a friend and know that we’ve all been there. Not that any of us would ever admit to being… desperate.

We’re all perfect.