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I had a dream about meeting Harry Potter and it was ridiculous

23 Oct

I’m relatively low key. I believe. I mean I have my moments. But I tend to sit back. I’m a little reserved. Saying hello first pushes me outside my comfort zone.

I try to be friendly, and I like meeting new people, but I’m not particularly known for my exuberance.

Until I had a dream about meeting Harry Potter.

In general, I get kind of embarrassed at loud displays in public. So most people would think if I met Daniel Radcliffe in real life, I would be chill about it.

That is not the case according to my dream.

In my dream the exact way I greeted him was:





I spilled all over him with fandom froth and it was perfectly clear that while he was used to exuberant fans, I was definitely the most exuberant, ridiculous example of fandom.

And it’s all happening years after the last movie came out, when the excitement had calmed down a little.

I for sure took him by surprise.

I even apologized about Snape. Seriously.

Harry Potter, Kinley Baker, Romance Author, Snape Wand

Snape’s wand.

I’m embarrassed that I even dreamed this. It is SO out of character.

I mean, I want to meet Harry/Daniel, but now I’m thinking if I ever get the opportunity, maybe I should just… not meet him.

I don’t really want to take the risk that this is how I’ll react. Can you imagine that video going viral?

Every time anyone sees me they’ll just shout: HARRR-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!