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We did whaaat? Unlikable people, rainy windows, and dance battles

1 Apr

I can’t believe it’s already been another month. This one has definitely been a bumpy ride.

In honor of April Fools’ Day, I will tell a story (cautionary tale). One time when I was young, I wrapped a black hair tie around our black sink sprayer… My dad turned it on ten seconds before we were ready to leave in the morning and it sprayed ALL OVER his suit. Oops (I really didn’t expect the prank to work that well).

He was mad… He later laughed. Much later. Lol. He has a good sense of humor, but I will never forget the look of complete shock on his face.

Be careful with the jokes today, people. Not everyone has time to change their suit.

But the main point of this post is the monthly wrap-up.

I really appreciate all of you who could relate to the rainy window. Your support made me smile.

We all realized how much the internet is taking over our lives with I met someone in real life and my first thought was, you do not talk in exclamation marks.

We commiserated about not liking some people. We try hard to be decent human beings, but it happens.

And let’s celebrate living in contradiction.

I think a lot of us could relate to: The dream no one else gets, and the idea of  dream puzzles.

You encouraged me with the bad poetry, so I apologize in advance for when I post more of that.

Lastly, to be honest, I’m a little disappointed. I really thought more of you would laugh at my Deadline Fridge. But maybe it’s just a little sad, and not funny? Fine, whatever!

If life gets you down, always remember you can use dance battles to solve the world’s problems.

Thank you so much for supporting the blog, and I’m really looking forward to the upcoming posts.

Prank safely today, my friends.



We did whaaat? Trains, dragons, and pageant dreams

4 Mar

Because of course they all go together.

Welcome to the debut of We Did Whaaat? The blog’s monthly wrap-up.

My new site is over one month old. I’m very excited about this. When I started I almost told you what I wanted to accomplish with this blog, but I took a hint from the writer handbook and decided to show instead of tell.

How’d that go? *bites nails*

Did we laugh? Did we cry?

(A good cry or a this is horrible cry?)

Since now you all want to read more (lol), here’s a recap of some of the things we talked about.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many of you are open to embracing the ridiculously optimistic resolution for the pageant dream of world peace.

Despite intentions to the contrary, I scared and freaked you out with my ice cream truck post. I’ll just continue to apologize for that for, well, ever. If that wasn’t bad enough, I followed it up with a video of the creepiest ice cream truck ever.

I also attempted to start The Rap Revolution (I believe rapping about staplers was mentioned in the comments?). We’re still recruiting on that, in case you’re late to the party. You can never be late to the party on this blog.

We went positive and optimistic after the negativity of the internet got to me.

And I was honest about my struggle with The Worry Dragon. I was delighted with the response to that post. Although I’m still not sure if I accidentally managed an inappropriate title.

Don’t forget The Shopping Cart dance move flash mob.

Oh, and you all seemed to like Prickly: The Balloon Animal Making Porcupine. So much so that he’s a little full of himself. Now he insists on wearing shades everywhere. I told him that was so 90s. He argued that stars still do it.

Prickly, Porcupine, Kinley Baker, Romance Author, Sunglasses, Hollywood

Too cool for Kinley.

I realized I can be a huge thoughtless jerk. Then days later made a counteroffer by professing my sincerity. I asked my husband if he would read my post on me being sincere, but he said no, because he doesn’t read lies. *insert, oh no he didn’t, expression here*

I think a lot of you like getting angry at lime green baskets. GRRR. All together now. Free that fury on a healthy target. And look! A puppy.

Joker, Puppies, Dog, Cute, Animals, Kinley Baker, Romance Author

How long do I have to hold this pose?

I rounded things out with a question everyone should ask their life partner and a confession about how I really feel about zombies. The Walking Dead may or may not make an appearance in that post.

And I’m pretty sure the consensus was that adult tantrum throwing is okay in the privacy of your own home and without webcams.

The top search for the blog this first month was “Adult Video”, which is completely awkward and probably what happens when you show an adult throwing a tantrum, but tag it with adult video. Lesson learned.

I really hope to create a positive community here and get to know all of you. At least four of you told me you laughed this last month, so I’m walking on air. 😀

On the writing front, a reviewer said Draybeth and Barrett from Excuse My Fairy are kind of a modern Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth. I’m only sharing here because it kind of made my life. When I told my husband, he said I can’t post things on the internet and pretend other people wrote them. DUDE. So here’s that review, to prove it wasn’t me. And since we’re wrapping things up, just FYI, I really do love my husband, despite what I post here.

Keep up the good fight, and I hope to see you around again. They’re trying to stop the train, but I just keep chugging.

Thank you so much for all the support this first month. I hope the best is yet to come. Your feedback has been great, and I can’t wait to hear from you.

May the strange rock on.

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)