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Let’s get real about Bob’s Burgers

27 Mar

This post is about a very important issue: Bob’s Burgers. It’s an animated television show on FOX. It makes me sad I have to tell you that the show is on FOX. I bet a lot of you don’t watch it.

I know this because I heard rumors it was almost canceled after the first season.

*raises angry fist*

But they brought it back for a second season.

*cheerleader high kick*

Ouch, totally pulled a muscle.

Anyway, Bob’s Burgers is hilarious. It’s about a family who owns a burger place. But the family is… Wait for it… HILARIOUS.

If you are a fan of the show, go down to the comments and voice your enthusiasm to prove to the people who don’t watch they are missing out. I’m sure you are way more convincing than me.

The three kids are like the greatest three kids ever. I’ve tried to describe why they are so awesome, and I can’t come up with anything compelling enough.

Seriously, you should watch Bob’s Burgers. I dare you.

The humor is just so… Honest? Self-aware? Spot on? It’s life, man. But with a certain spin. The normal becomes funny because what is normal anyway? We’re all strange.

Each character in the show feels like a real person, or perhaps someone we once knew, or someone we’d want to know.

Every episode makes me laugh out loud, and I’m pretty sure the humor isn’t completely offensive. Maybe it is… But I’m pretty sure it’s mostly jokes that won’t raise a ton of red flags.

Actually, you should report back. I might be off base. I don’t get offended very easily. (This is not an invitation to name call. I will cry.)

Since I’ve tried to convince you to watch something you probably don’t watch right now, I am willing to do the same for you. What is a show everyone should watch that you think is hilarious? Please share with us and I will report back as long as I can manage to find an episode to view.

Bob’s Burgers for life! (Read the Special’s Board every episode… That alone is worth it.)

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)