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It’s impossible to be perfect

14 Oct

How many of you have ever wanted to be perfect?

*raises hand slowly*

It’s okay. You’re amongst friends. You can admit it.

I get very caught up in this idea of perfection. I was even talking to my mom the other day and I said something about being tired of everyone thinking I’m perfect with no problems. My mom said not to worry, that no one thinks I’m perfect.

Gee, thanks mom.

But she’s right. The reason I feel that way sometimes is because I put pressure on my own shoulders. I’m the one who’s creating my own worst enemy.

Then I got to thinking. And I realized it is literally impossible to be perfect. Because whatever idolized view of yourself you have, someone else’s idea of perfection is different. Outside forces will never view you in the same light as yourself.

This means you’ll never be universally perfect, which pretty much negates the definition.

Wanting to succeed isn’t bad. But when it becomes an obsession. When the lack of succeeding turns into a kind of self-hate, it’s no longer healthy.

So I’m making a statement today. I am not perfect. I neither want to be perfect nor will be perfect.

Okay, so the last line is an exaggeration but I would like to be in that mind frame at some point in my life.