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Meet Prickly: The Balloon Animal Making Porcupine

4 Feb
Pic 1 - Prickly - A Very Poor Drawing by Kinley Baker

Prickly – A Poorly Drawn Picture by Kinley Baker

First of all, I know what you’re thinking. That drawing does not look like a porcupine.

Don’t worry, he’s much cuter in person. But he’s also shy, so I had to create this like-ness that doesn’t really look like him.

Second: Where is my rendition of a balloon animal?

That’s beyond my means.

Third: What does this have to do with anything?

Prickly’s Story

Prickly, the balloon animal making porcupine, spent a lot of his life denying who he was. He created his art in private, knowing if he showed anyone his creations they’d mock him.

He battled his very own nature, struggling to find self-worth and the confidence to believe in his aspirations. Many days he stared up at the sky and wondered why he’d been dealt such a steep hill to scurry up.

This made him sad.

Pic 2 - Sad Prickly

Sad Prickly

When he finally managed a slice of optimism, he went to his first birthday party gig and dazzled with his designs. Unfortunately, his hopes and dreams were not received… “well”—to say it nicely—by all.

Some peeps wanted to know who the heck he thought he was… Making balloon animals was not a job for the bristly. Did he really think he was going to make a living that way?

One day Prickly decided to tell everyone in the village STFU. He was no longer going to be caged by society’s restrictions.

A tied knapsack on a stick slung over his shoulder, he took his helium dispenser and balloon tadpoles and embarked on a journey.

Sure, he knew he’d blow a few shots along the way, but nothing great comes without a few insistent pokes, prods, and pops.

If Prickly has the courage to follow his dreams, I suppose I can summon some, as well.

Sometimes I find myself asking why I ever thought writing was a good idea.

Insecurity is more than a small road block. Skepticism brings on the doubters. Dreams can seem like delusions.

Whatever it is you hope to achieve (aim for the moon), I think a lot of us can relate to that uncertainty.

Yet through it all, there’s a steady beat in your blood, a little voice whispering in your mind that insists this road is aiming in the right direction.

Even if the path is hindered by storms, roadblocks, and impossible to live up to expectations.

We lose sight of the value of the journey. If we keep moving, working, striving for the thing we believe we want most in the world, what if we never reach it?

Will we be okay with the road traveled, if the destination is far different from anything we ever imagined?

This new blogging adventure is a way to enjoy the journey. Hopefully you’ll join me in laughter. I get a lot of blank faces at my jokes, but there are billions of people in the world. Surely, ten of you will laugh.

I’m going to slowly work up to the jokes. I’ve found my humor needs a lot of context. A LOT.

Here we go… Be kind. And in case you’re wondering, this is what Prickly looks like now that he’s decided to enjoy the journey.

Pic 3 - Happy Prickly

Happy Prickly

Have you ever embarked on a journey that scared you more than anything? What was it about that particular adventure that terrified you more than anything else in your life? Do you find it easiest to fear the thing that feels the most important? The most vital? The thing that requires revealing parts of yourself in order to truly begin the quest?

And on a lighter note, have you ever heard of a balloon animal making porcupine? I was going for originality. How’d I do?

Wednesday is the big ice cream truck post. Curious? There’s candy involved… I will lure you in with candy. That’s so appropriate to the post!

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)