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Going overboard with sailboats

17 May

So I’m still actively pursuing a hobby. Knitting and I broke up. Golf and I struggle to be friends. And my quest to be a magician lasted for about ten minutes (or until I realized I have the opposite of magician skills).

Then I rediscovered origami and it was like the skies opened and heaven music played. This is the perfect hobby for me. I can make things for people, it’s cheap, and I can do it while I’m watching television, which might get me off my computer.

The only problem is that it’s hard. I knew it was going to be hard, but not this hard.

I tried to make a lion yesterday… Not even close.

However, I did make a sailboat, and I found success. It’s not the best thing ever, but I do like to make sailboats. In fact, I made them for everyone.

I went overboard for sailboats. Then I started laughing thinking how funny it was because I was equating sailboats to going overboard.

But then I felt bad for laughing about going overboard because it’s really a serious issue and not funny at all.

And I ended up thinking that Ellen DeGeneres is my hero, which has nothing to do with any of these other thoughts.

Needless-to-say it was an exhausting day.

Here is the ferry from Wednesday:

ferry, romance author, kinley baker, author kinley baker, sky, water, pretty

Take a moment just to watch the ferry.


Sailboats for everyone!

kinley baker, romance author, sailboat, origami, creative

And a pig. Because why not?

pig, origami, kinley baker, romance author, author kinley baker

Have a great weekend!

-Kinley Baker