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New Sale, New Release, New Energy!

26 Apr

I will be returning to blogging on Monday! I’m very excited. I have lots of stories to tell because life has been interesting but first I want to share that Ruined, Book One in the Shadowed Love trilogy, and Denied, Book Two in the Shadowed Love trilogy, are now on sale at Amazon for $2.99 each for a limited time! This is to celebrate the release of the third book, Endured, on May 15!

I’d really appreciate if you could help spread the word on this sale. This is my first fantasy trilogy and while I’m sad it’s almost over, I could not love the third book more. If I could share this love with you all, it would mean so much! Thank you!

Buy RUINED (Book One) for $2.99!  ~  Buy DENIED (Book Two) for $2.99!

Image         Image


Jessa is one healing away from death. Under the thrall of her gift, the Court’s Senior Healer risks giving her life in exchange for her patient’s.

Vale is a rebel ruler. When his brother is killed, he’s given the throne and the decree from the Court to produce an heir or lose his family’s hold on the land–and his deceiving advisors aren’t afraid to use murder as a weapon if their directive to stay away from the Senior Healer goes unheeded.

But Vale burns to possess Jessa. The heat between them leaves a wake of smoke, and even the powerful forces above want to bind them in a union that lasts forever. Vale taking another would be a betrayal neither could survive.

Their enemies fear a child born of such a powerful Healer and Warrior, but the true threat lies in the bond forged in shadows and fused in fire.



When invaders brutally massacred the women and children of the Varner, Caleb witnessed loss and destruction on a scale few can comprehend. As the leader of a race on the brink of extinction, his only hope for survival is gaining acceptance into the Shadow Shifter Kingdom. Struggling with new customs, he meets Tabitha, a woman who challenges his limits. 

Refused the right to join the king’s guard because of her gender, Tabitha must be stronger than the men to prove she deserves to be the first accepted female Warrior in the kingdom. She believes Caleb will help improve her abilities, until she learns her goals conflict with the foundation of his culture.

When the realm is attacked, Tabitha and Caleb must come together not only to fight, but to find the strength to win against an evil with the potential to destroy everything they revere most–including each other.


Much love!

Kinley Baker



You’re doing it wrong

13 May

In every committed relationship, there comes that awkward moment when you have to tell your chosen partner they’re doing something wrong. Not just wrong. But like, really, really wrong. Usually, it’s something that builds and builds until the other person can’t handle it anymore.

In my case, it took five years. And the person doing something absolutely wrong is my husband.

I had to tell him. I thought about writing him an open letter, but I was pretty sure he wouldn’t read it, so I just told him to his face.

Now, in most cases, I don’t like to tell people they are doing things wrong. There are lots of different ways to live, and who am I to judge people for their choices?

If another person wants to do nothing for their birthday, that’s fine.

But it’s not fine when it’s my chosen partner.

My husband celebrates birthdays wrong.

I am not okay with this.

It’s not just his birthday, but all birthdays.

He drove me crazy a few days ago when his birthday came around because he didn’t want anything special. He didn’t even want cake.

Basically, I spent the whole day being irritated because I wanted to make the day special, and he didn’t.

I know it’s not my birthday and blah, blah, blah, be mature, blah. But DUDE. I just wanted to celebrate his life.

That was bad enough. But now, my birthday is coming up and he keeps saying things like, “It’s not called a birthweek, it’s called a birthday.”

In my head I’m thinking, everyone knows you get to celebrate your birthday for the week before and the week after the actual day.

Then I realize that everyone probably doesn’t know that. And I’m ridiculous. My expectations for birthdays are too high.

And I’m probably the one who celebrates birthdays wrong!

But it’s the day we are BORN. If that event didn’t happen, we wouldn’t be here, so I think it deserves some celebrating.

In completely unrelated news, I bought an origami kit. So stay tuned for pictures! And I think this will replace the threat of the creepy puppet making.

-Kinley Baker

Choosing to believe the best and my new BFF Little Bird

3 May

Life is hard. Sometimes, we just have to choose to believe the best.

One day this week, when my husband was pulling into our garage, he kept looking behind him.

“What?!” I demanded. My first thought was: fire, intruder, apocalypse. As is normal for the eternally paranoid.

Instead of any of those things, he said, “I think that’s a dead bird.”

I was way sad face about it because we’ve had a few dead rabbits turn up lately and this is more proof that we do indeed have a neighborhood problem. I know what you’re thinking. Werewolves. I know, that was my first thought, too.

I know nature works its way for a reason, but I’m kind of a pro at mourning strangers and animals I just met.

We get out of the car and it turns out, it’s not a dead bird at all!

It’s a baby!

Meet Little Bird. Named after the television show Little Bear.

birds, cute, animals, baby birds, Kinley Baker, Author Kinley Baker, Romance Author, choosing to believe the best

“My parents left me on your doorstep. They said they’d be back later…”

Isn’t he adorable? I will love him forever.

Of course my husband was like: “Don’t touch him!”

My response: “It honestly never occurred to me!”

Selective germaphobes do not touch random wild animals.

But anyway, so this baby bird hung out there for a while.

Then he was gone. And this is the core of the post.

I choose to believe his parents came back for him. I choose to believe that he’s off in another part of the neighborhood causing adolescent mischief. I choose to believe these things, even if that does make me naive or optimistic.

Did it occur to me another animal might have eaten him? Yes.

Did it occur to me that Little Bird didn’t get a happy ending?


But I choose to believe he’s with his family in a happier place.

Because life is hard. Life sucks. Sometimes, you just have to choose to believe the best. No good comes from dwelling on the bad.

I doubt I’ll see Little Bird again, but I won’t forget him.

He showed up in my driveway, and that makes him part of my life.

He’ll grow older and have a good life. I choose to believe that.



He’s such a romantic.

10 Apr

The other day in the car I was telling my husband about how I received a request for my contemporary friends-to-lovers story, and how it was awesome.

His response was his usual that is lame face. Apparently the friends-to-lovers phrasing is not to his liking.

(I will forever call him lover now. Just kidding. I can’t pull that off. I wish.)

I guess I should preface this conversation by saying I have always viewed our relationship in real life as a friends-to-lovers tale. Apparently, I am alone in this assessment.

I said: “Hey, our story is a friends-to-lovers story.”

Of course I must defend this trope, because it’s what brought us together, right?


His response: “More like… enemies to kind of okay to whatever.”

He’s such a romantic. And talk about the next romantic trope to hit the big time. I call dibs!

Rose, Flower, Kinley Baker, Author, Romance Author, Romance

A rose my husband did not give me.

Then later I explained I was writing this post, and I was laughing. He wasn’t amused.

I said: “Come on, this is hilarious.”

His response: “I know. I said it.”


Such a romantic. And so humble.

The funniest part is that I don’t remember being enemies at all. I’m pretty sure he just thought I was super annoying and hated me for it.

Which is proof that I grow on people! So if you’re unsure about this blog, have no fear. You’ll go through the phases… severely dislikes to kind of indifferent to regular reader.


This is how annoying people take over the world.

Also, to be fair (since my conscience always insists on this, no matter how inconvenient), here is a post that shows my husband can be romantic. When you realize you’re a thoughtless jerk. He won at Valentine’s Day.


Who makes the sandwiches in your family?

5 Apr

Sometimes love is simple and it comes down to sandwiches.

Yesterday, I bit into the sandwich my husband made me at lunchtime and discovered there were jalapenos on it. Is your reaction to that information negative?

Because I thought it was awesome. It just so happened that I seriously needed some jalapenos on my sandwich. And I realized love can be simple. And sometimes it comes down to sandwiches.

Kinley Baker, Romance Author, Bread, Who makes the sandwiches in your family

Then I started writing this blog post in my head, and it took another direction.

My husband makes the sandwiches in this family. This might be different than other families. I like to think my husband and I explode gender dynamics like BOOOM. But maybe that’s giving us too much credit.

Also, if my husband reads this blog, there’s a good chance he’ll go on a sandwich strike (so it’s a good thing he doesn’t read my blog). This has happened before when I’ve brought up nice things that he does. Sometimes he views this as bragging, and he revokes the privilege.

My husband likes to do nice things. But he doesn’t like to be confronted about them. Lol.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Eat a sandwich.

And hey, whoever makes the sandwiches in your family, fly that flag high and proud.


When your husband doesn’t understand you’re a sincere person

1 Mar

Okay, I know my faults. I’m very reflective, and I dwell on my shortcomings. I’m antisocial and struggle to relate to people on non-awkward levels. (Small Talk should be banned worldwide, am I right?) I could go on and on and often do in my mind.

Despite all my horrible attributes which I’m sure plague the universe (Not really. That’s giving myself way too much credit.), I have one saving grace.

If there is one thing I am, it’s SINCERE. To a disastrous degree.

My husband does not understand this. He thinks I’m some mad scientist with experiments that I probably don’t have the brainpower to conceive of or to manipulate.

He is a master manipulator. I swear. He pretends he has a job, but I think he sits up in his evil villain tower and plots. If you’ve never been manipulated by my husband, you don’t understand his stealth. He is tricky. One minute I didn’t want to get married, and then BAM. It was happening.

Which is really more a joke on him. When he decided this relationship was a good idea, he had no idea how far the strange train stretched.

Choo Choo. All aboard!

He doesn’t understand that when I say things, or think things, or feel things, it is ALWAYS sincere.

The problem is that I also tend to flake out when it comes to reality. I hate going places, and doing things. I’m lazy. Not when it comes to writing, because I can do that from the comfort of my couch, but when it comes to everything else.

I’m lazy, awkward, and a social misfit. Do you see how this is all a bad combination?

When I plan things, I really do want to see my best friend from college. When it comes to actually driving to get there…

Oh yeah, did I mention I hate driving? Like seriously have a fear of driving. OH, and also, I hate being in cars in general. This drives my husband insane. I’ve tried to change my habits, but I just can’t.

When he complains, it’s like, dude… I’m stuck on this train. You bought a ticket.

My sympathy dries up as the years and tracks continue.

None of that changes the fact that I’m sincere.

For the record, I did manage to go to lunch recently with my friend from college, Mara, who is currently out traveling the world. So I’m not the worst thing since sliced bread. Not that anyone is insulting bread.

I ventured out into reality. I survived. I thrived. I felt like a real girl, and I’m probably related to Pinocchio.

I wish my husband understood that I’m not a mad scientist, despite all my desires to the contrary. I really am just an average person, struggling through life. I have good intentions, but we all know how easily those get lost.

Maybe when we commit our life to someone, they see all the levels of us, and they can’t quite believe the simplest truths. They relate your words to this case or that thing, and not everything adds up. So they assume it’s all a big cluster.

Which it is, because that’s life. We are a mass of contradictions. I’m working on a post I hope to get out there soon. It’s about embracing contradictions and allowing us to live our lives without judgment.

Whatever your beliefs, whoever you think created the world, don’t you think they had a wicked sense of humor? They had to have. They made people like us.

I’m thankful though. As the days pass and I realize all the horrible things about myself, I also slowly begin to accept. It doesn’t matter that I fear zombies, or that I think an alien invasion is inevitable.

I’m also sincere. I care about people and I care about the world. I want less people to hurt and more people to love. There’s value there.

If you have to shift through all the other junk just to get to there, I’ll help you wade through the garbage. Virtually, because we’ve already discussed that I’m a flake in real life.

This also frustrates my husband because he thinks if I care about people I should be out there with my shovel.

My goals are more to offer comfort from right here.

That’s why I write romance. To make others feel, and love, and hurt, but then to tend their wounds and assure them everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay. I believe that. Sincerely. We can’t let the world take away our sincerity, because then we’ll never get it back.

Keep dancing to your own tune, and enjoy your weekend, or what I like to call THE SLEEP IN REVOLUTION.

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)

The absolutely crucial question everyone should ask their life partner about the apocalypse before commitment

20 Feb

My husband and I have been together for seven years. Up until this point in our relationship, I thought we pretty much knew our opinions on all the importance issues.

Then he disclosed the one thing I never thought to ask. The one thing I didn’t realize could divide us on a level I never previously comprehended.

The revelation?

My husband is PRO Zombie Apocalypse.

*everyone gasps*

I KNOW. I just… can’t even…

How did this all come about? It began innocently enough with him deciding to watch The Walking Dead. A few weeks ago, we started from the beginning and caught up within one weekend.


There were just a few problems.

I am paranoid about zombies like nobody’s business.

The show was fascinating!


I had zombie nightmares… I dreamed about the characters… I peered out my window into my cul-de-sac, waiting for the inevitable herd invasion.

trees, Kinley Baker, Romance Author, Zombie Apocalypse, Zombies

If you stare long enough, you’ll see the herd…
I was kidding, but I freaked myself out.

To comprehend the full extent of my freak out, you’d probably have to read this post on Slaying the Worry Dragon. Apply all that to this.

Please, zombies. Take anyone else. Just PLEASE, not Earth. *holds out sword and swings with the worst aim ever*

With the new weekend approaching, I thought we could move onto something less everybody dies like Downton Abbey. I even said I think I’ll choose not to watch the upcoming shows of The Walking Dead because I just can’t handle zombies.

I’m sorry, EVERYONE. But I hate zombies with a fiery passion inside my soul. I am 100% convinced that not only is it possible to become a zombie, but that we will, in fact, have this happen during my lifetime.

I hate zombies. I’M SORRY.

I LOVE the show. I ABHOR the zombies.

Then what will be described as the largest struggle of our relationship occurred.

He started re-watching the show. AND it gets worse.

We were in the car one morning when we had this conversation.

I couldn’t comprehend his words. “What are you thinking… re-watching?!”


*pauses for dramatic effect* But also… *pauses to regain normal breathing*

He made the confession that will send shockwaves through our commitment for the rest of our days.




You want to: WHAAAT?!?!?!

I just…

Does he even know what he’s saying? To the girl who HATES zombies?

I can see now where it all went wrong. I made the simple mistake that many of you have probably also made.

I didn’t ask my husband if he was PRO or CON Zombie Apocalypse before we were married.

This will be a subject that will divide us FOREVER.


So please, do yourself a favor. Ask your significant other their stance on this important issue. This is more important to discern your opinions on pre-commitment than POLITICS, RELIGION, AND CAFFEINE.

You’re both either PRO Apocalypse or you’re destined to travel into the end of the world divided.

And what has The Walking Dead taught us? A divided team is herd bait. A divided section of the team gets killed off. A divided team is ripe for the plucking by the very zombies that drove them apart.

Don’t be a zombie statistic. Talk to your friends and loved ones about this very important threat.

How am I handling all this?

(You might be asking.)

Not well. Not well at all.

My husband actually said he thought living in that world would be fun. FUN.

Then I got to thinking and maybe I really would live better in a world that was survival of the fittest to an impossible degree. I wouldn’t have to worry about all the mundane things I worry about every dang day.

I would just fight to stay alive. So maybe I’m growing from this whole experience. Or at least, I think I am, until he puts the show on again and I have to see more ZOMBIES.


Have you seen The Walking Dead? Do you like it? I’m really a fan of the show. Some of the character exploration makes me gleeful, it’s so interesting.

I just wish they would have chosen a Vampire Apocalypse, or maybe anything… ANYTHING else (I realize it really couldn’t have been anything else).

I told someone the truth recently. You should have seen their expression.

“I LOVE The Walking Dead. I just don’t watch the zombie part.”

LOL. Yeah. Your face is what his face looked like.

Do you have something that everybody else LOVES that creeps you the heck out? Zombies have always been the thing I just CAN’T. I like the show.

*holds up hands and backs away slowly*

Easy, Walking Dead fans. I love your show. Honest.

*speaks in soothing tones*

Alright, alright! Stop yelling!

(Careful, your zombie is showing.)

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)