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Irony, my name is Kinley

28 Apr

Over the weekend I promised to return to blogging on Monday. Of course, I had several posts ready so I was very confident. But as usual, those posts didn’t seem right for today when I went back and looked at them.

This is ironic, because for those of you who visit, you know that last year I ended the year feeling silenced. It wasn’t a silence forced on me by anyone but myself. Every time I wrote something I would doubt if it was too controversial or if it would be taken the wrong way.

It doesn’t help that every day the internet shows us an example of words taken out of context or something stated that’s still so shocking, even the internet is outraged.

I’m guilty of feeling safer being quiet rather than putting myself out there. But when someone is so safe, I think they lose a bit of themselves.

So, in an effort to not allow myself the comfort of not posting, I’m posting today.

It’s nothing brilliant or remarkable or any of the things I think writers hope to be.

It’s simply that I told you I would return and I have. Maybe at some point I’ll even manage to be funny. It feels like a long while since I’ve been funny.

Last year I ended at the blog promising to speak more and I disappeared for almost five months. There were reasons, and I’ll post on them, but for today, I think it’s important to remember not to lose ourselves because we’re afraid of how we’ll be perceived. I know a lot of you don’t struggle with this as much because I watch you online and I’m jealous that you’re rock stars and confident in your identities. 🙂

But I struggle with it, as you might have figured out. Maybe this is just my way of saying I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Being a writer, you have to take chances and live with the fallout. It’s always been the fallout that worries me.

I might have feared I didn’t have the strength. But strength doesn’t come from nowhere, does it? It’s hard earned.

These are a few of the lessons I learned while writing the Shadowed Love trilogy. Sometimes my characters teach me more about myself than I’d like.

The heroines in the Shadowed Love books taught me that there isn’t only one kind of strength, fear is relative, and some things are so important it’s worth the sacrifice to fight.

With the release of Book Three, Endured, on May 15th, this is really hitting home lately.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Ruined (Book One) and Denied (Book Two), I’m happy to announce they are on sale for a limited time at Amazon for $2.99 in eBooks.

RUINED ~ A king falls for his forbidden Healer, but is the forbidden exactly what the kingdom needs to survive?

DENIED ~ When two warriors fight for supremacy in a battle of the heart, will they both thrive in victory?

For blurbs and excerpts, visit HERE.

I’m glad to be back.
Kinley Baker