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He’s such a romantic.

10 Apr

The other day in the car I was telling my husband about how I received a request for my contemporary friends-to-lovers story, and how it was awesome.

His response was his usual that is lame face. Apparently the friends-to-lovers phrasing is not to his liking.

(I will forever call him lover now. Just kidding. I can’t pull that off. I wish.)

I guess I should preface this conversation by saying I have always viewed our relationship in real life as a friends-to-lovers tale. Apparently, I am alone in this assessment.

I said: “Hey, our story is a friends-to-lovers story.”

Of course I must defend this trope, because it’s what brought us together, right?


His response: “More like… enemies to kind of okay to whatever.”

He’s such a romantic. And talk about the next romantic trope to hit the big time. I call dibs!

Rose, Flower, Kinley Baker, Author, Romance Author, Romance

A rose my husband did not give me.

Then later I explained I was writing this post, and I was laughing. He wasn’t amused.

I said: “Come on, this is hilarious.”

His response: “I know. I said it.”


Such a romantic. And so humble.

The funniest part is that I don’t remember being enemies at all. I’m pretty sure he just thought I was super annoying and hated me for it.

Which is proof that I grow on people! So if you’re unsure about this blog, have no fear. You’ll go through the phases… severely dislikes to kind of indifferent to regular reader.


This is how annoying people take over the world.

Also, to be fair (since my conscience always insists on this, no matter how inconvenient), here is a post that shows my husband can be romantic. When you realize you’re a thoughtless jerk. He won at Valentine’s Day.



Long overdue love ode: When’s the last time you gave Friday a flower?

22 Mar

Dear Friday,

I just wanted to tell you that you look really pretty today.
I was thinking that maybe you’re under-appreciated and thought hey,
when’s the last time I gave Friday a flower?

A day deserves some loving when it has so much power.
A day deserves some loving when it never, ever cowers.

All I can do is honor you with this horrible poem.
And know that every time you come around, I no longer feel alone.

I love you, Friday.
Don’t tell my husband.
I love you, Friday.
You should be in a rock band.

I give you one flower for always being dependable.
I give you another flower for always being reasonable.

You come at the end of the week, but you’re really the beginning.
You’re modest, but every time you come around I feel like I’m winning.

Thank you, Friday.

Here’s a flower:

Kinley Baker, Romance Author, Fridays, Flowers, Give Friday a Flower, Roses

So… what kind of flower are you giving Friday?

Fair warning: Even a hint of enthusiasm for this poem will probably lead to more poetry about inanimate objects. You’ve been cautioned.

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)