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Who makes the sandwiches in your family?

5 Apr

Sometimes love is simple and it comes down to sandwiches.

Yesterday, I bit into the sandwich my husband made me at lunchtime and discovered there were jalapenos on it. Is your reaction to that information negative?

Because I thought it was awesome. It just so happened that I seriously needed some jalapenos on my sandwich. And I realized love can be simple. And sometimes it comes down to sandwiches.

Kinley Baker, Romance Author, Bread, Who makes the sandwiches in your family

Then I started writing this blog post in my head, and it took another direction.

My husband makes the sandwiches in this family. This might be different than other families. I like to think my husband and I explode gender dynamics like BOOOM. But maybe that’s giving us too much credit.

Also, if my husband reads this blog, there’s a good chance he’ll go on a sandwich strike (so it’s a good thing he doesn’t read my blog). This has happened before when I’ve brought up nice things that he does. Sometimes he views this as bragging, and he revokes the privilege.

My husband likes to do nice things. But he doesn’t like to be confronted about them. Lol.

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend. Eat a sandwich.

And hey, whoever makes the sandwiches in your family, fly that flag high and proud.