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Why Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory is my first choice BFF

3 Apr

I love The Big Bang Theory. So much in fact, that I constantly watch reruns and I buy my husband shirts with Jim Parsons’ face on them.

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Not awkward at all…

I am a fan. I love the show.

More than that, I love Amy. I think she is the most hilarious character on primetime. They’ve really brought her into the group, and she makes me laugh out loud the most.

But sometimes I get a little sad. 😦 Penny and Bernadette don’t always want to hang out with Amy, and although they usually make up for it in the end, it’s pretty clear to the viewer that Amy is not their first choice BFF.

I think this is a tragedy. Amy is awesome.

Beyond her obsession to get them all naked in a bathtub, I think Amy represents something pretty amazing. She’s strange. She’s unconventional. She’s insecure.

She’s a lot of things we don’t see on television, and I find it fascinating that even while she flips her hair and talks about how fashion is kind of her life now, she never loses who she is at the core.

They continue to show her slicing away at brains. While her intellect is occasionally impaired by a rowdy girl’s night out, at the end of the day, she represents a strong woman who comes across as legit.

She’s insecure. As someone also insecure, I appreciate seeing a character like this on television. I love that I can laugh at the strangeness. I can totally relate some of her quirks to my life.

She’s socially awkward. As someone also socially awkward, I enjoy watching her evolve.

We all navigate the murky waters of society. We’re bound to get snagged on a faux pas.

It’s easier to get through the trips when you have strong friends at your back.

I can relate to Amy. I’ve often found myself without friends. It can be a lonely place.

I hope Amy continues to solidify her place in the crowd, so she can show all of us Awkward Social Navigators that we have a chance to belong to a community, too.

I love Penny. And I love Bernadette.

But Amy Farrah Fowler is my first choice BFF.

Being strange is okay. It’s nice to see that message on television.