People will lose faith

4 Aug

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Everyone has a fatal flaw. Some people hide theirs better than others but I think inside everyone is a flaw that will be their downfall if they don’t manage to combat against it.

Mine is insecurity. I have a really tough time keeping the faith, so sometimes I look to other people to supply it.

That’s what insecure people do, right? They seek acceptance and praise is some vague attempt to make up for the fact they don’t believe in themselves.

Well, maybe not all insecure people. But me, for sure.

I see this in myself and I constantly seek something intangible to supplement the lack of whatever barrier I need inside me to prevent the world from seeping into my confidence.

But the world seeps.

People lose faith.

I don’t blame people for losing faith because it’s a natural element of the human condition. The Bible is full of people who win not just for the sake of winning. The Bible is full of stories of people who struggle.

We wouldn’t need faith without struggle.

There really can be no ups without the downs. If people lived in the up all the time, we would live in a world like The Giver.

We’re given the opportunity to choose, and sometimes we choose wrongly.

So I don’t blame people for losing faith. When they look at the puzzle all they see are the pieces. Pieces we’ve chosen to share, or accidentally revealed, or put in a book and published before we realized exactly how much we were showing.

People see puzzle pieces and that piece either fits into their world, or it doesn’t. And it’s that simple sometimes. It makes sense it would be this way because we can’t personally invest in everyone.

I’ve accepted it is inevitable that everyone will lose faith, at one time or another.

My job and mission and responsibility is to not lose faith in myself.

Things bind us with faith like love, devotion, loyalty, honor. These ties help stabilize us in a world full of chaos.

But if everything drops away, we have to have faith in ourselves.

I have to have faith in me. Because when everyone else looks at the pieces and then looks away, I am still here.

This is my life and this is my point of view, unlikable heroine that I often view myself as and all.

The only thing I can choose, beyond the obvious of who I spend time with, what I do for an occupation, where I live, etc.?

I can choose to have faith in myself or not. I can choose to build my own wall of protection instead of depending on an unreliable contractor or not.

Either way, people will lose faith.

And then sometimes… truly remarkable people believe. They stay when others leave. They support you when you’re wondering if you even support yourself.

They are rocks and gifts and they can make you laugh when all you really want to do is cry… or yell.

Because most people will lose faith, these people are the treasurers that pirates seek, the thing in the world worth their weight in value.

Thank you to those people in my life who stay when they could go, believe when the dream is invisible, and love when it would be much easier to walk away.

Kinley Baker @KinleyBaker
Kinley Cade @KinleyCade


Five ways my dog copies me and one way I should probably copy him

21 May

My dog’s name is Joker and he is a terrier.

Lately, I’ve noticed that some of my dog’s more unfortunate habits look… familiar.

Habit 1: World weary sighing

My dog sighs like the apocalypse is coming and he’s the only who knows but no one will listen to him spout his wisdom no matter how many times he barks. He sits comfortably… and sighs… for no reason.

This used to annoy me until I realized why he does it. It’s because I sit and randomly sigh at my computer all the time!

I sigh at my manuscripts. I sigh at the ridiculousness I read online. I sigh in frustration.

I sigh and often look at my dog who makes immediate eye contact and I say things like, “I know Joker.” And he sighs with me.

His sighing? My fault.

Habit 2: Whining

Oh the whining! Sometimes he just sits and looks at us and whines. He’s been fed, he has water, we played for an hour, we went for a walk, we bought him a doggie bone castle (that last one is exaggerated), but he still whines.

Let’s just keep it simple and say… my fault, my influence.

Habit 3: Treat dance

You can’t say the word “treat” without Joker going bananas. He can’t handle the word and he barks and leaps. I’m not saying I bark, but… If you say the word “cheesecake” or “pasta” or anything to do with ice cream… you might witness a similar show.

Not often… but often enough for the dog to copy me.

Habit 4: The stare

My dog stares. He sits. He positions himself so his head fits perfectly over say, a leg, or a pillow, an arm rest, and he stares at you. It’s super annoying.

Until I realized I do the same thing to my husband. Sometimes I just stare at him until he asks me why I’m staring. And it’s usually for the same goal as Joker: attention.

Then when Joker and I are asked what we want we both do a casual shrug. “Nothing. Just wanted you to ask.”

Habit 5: The throne of fleece blankets

Joker feels entitled to fleece blankets because my obsession with fleece blankets leads to ridiculousness like this:

blankets, fleece, fleece throne, dog, puppy, terrier

I’m not saying I sit on a similar fleece throne and write my books, but well…

And finally, I noticed a habit Joker has that I don’t.

Joker’s habit: General friendliness

Joker always wants to play with everyone! He barks and jumps and he wants to be the life of the party.

And I… do the opposite. I try to be polite but I don’t tug at the leash to be friendly.

After all the bad habits I gave Joker, I wouldn’t mind taking that one from him. I wish I could express my enthusiasm with such zest.

But I suppose he’s meant to do the barking. And I’ll just stand awkwardly next to him and thank you when you tell me he’s cute (even though I had nothing to do with his cuteness).

Do you share habits with your dog/cat/animal houseguest? I feel like I can’t be the only one.

Kinley Baker
@Kinley Baker

Endured Release Day!

15 May

Hello! I am so excited Endured, the final novel in my Shadowed Love trilogy, is now out! Please help me celebrate the conclusion of my first fantasy romance trilogy by reading the opening excerpt below. Hopefully you’ll want to read more!

Chapter One

In her whole royal, privileged, stifled life, Ari couldn’t remember ever being this bored. The Court members droned on about this and that, posh and circumstance. Their tones pitched high. The subject matter was droll. She rolled her eyes with her usual dramatic sigh. These men and women really needed to take a romp through the shadows to liven their moods.

“The villagers should pay us with goods for their right to live within the walls of this kingdom, as well as the Varner,” a rigid sitting woman said with her pointed nose aimed toward the tall windows.

“Absolutely not,” King Vale said. Ari’s brother’s staunch devotion to the happiness of their people rarely failed to amuse her.

It did today, after hours of listening to this drivel. The attitudes of the Court members left a sour taste in her mouth.

“Our duty is to protect the people, not obligate them,” Vale said.

Nothing he hadn’t already stated five times. Not that the Court listened with their less than receptive ears. So boring. She scowled at her brother, the man responsible for her being in this room.

Her chair scratched against the tile floor as she pushed away from the long table. The attention of the room snapped toward her. She sprang to her feet, and her long nails dug into the flesh of her palms.

She tilted her chin up under the scrutiny. “I object.”

Vale frowned at her from his throne. “What do you object to now, dear sister?” His less than endearing tone only encouraged her bad behavior.

Sweeping her arms around to include all the heavily spice-scented, self-serving pompous members, she gestured emphatically. “I object to all of this.”

A deep sigh escaped the king. “Ari, you wanted more responsibility.”

What she wanted was to be understood. Apparently, that was too much to ask for. “I wanted to find a purpose. Joining the Court is not my purpose.”

“I think we can all agree to that,” an uppity man chirped in.

Ari skewered him with a glare as sharp and deadly as the dagger she wore strapped to her thigh. The man cowered under her attention. Served him right for interrupting a conversation that was obviously between siblings.

“I don’t know what you want.” Her brother’s tired words made her cringe.

That was the whole problem. She didn’t know what she wanted either. If she didn’t figure it out soon, she’d go mad. Some already claimed she was mad, but she just considered herself festive.

“The Gaspar men will come back for their women.” The deep, familiar voice froze her in place. She glanced back at the man she detested above all others. The Head Guard, Reid, stared at her, not even blinking. He dismissed her, focusing on her brother again. Reid was always dismissing her.

“We must protect the kingdom.” Reid moved closer and brought with him the sweat drenched robes and hardened muscles of a well-exercised Warrior. Not that Ari cared about the way the fabric clung to his massive biceps.

The Court grumbled, already tired of this old fight.

Several fortnights had passed since the Gaspar invaded their kingdom. But Reid kept insisting the men would come back for the women who her brother had given temporary sanctuary to.

“Those men ran scared,” Ari said. “Why do you keep saying they’ll come back? We have no proof.”

Reid’s gaze skimmed over her again, before dismissing her without words. She really hated when he did that.

You can read more by clicking below!


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Endured, Shadowed Love, Romance Novel, Fantasy Romance, Kinley Baker, Rain, Sword


Princess Arianna rises up to defend the women of the Gaspar from the men who made her a victim. Her pain is raw. Her need for the one man out of her reach is vicious. She must save the Gaspar women and prove her worth to a kingdom who questions her strength.

The Head Guard, Reid, depends on his control to tame the darkness inside him because his secrets are better locked away. Only one woman holds the key to breaking him completely. His loyalty is first to the king. Or is it? Ari has the power to bring him to his knees. With his inevitable death by the shadows looming on the horizon, he can’t afford to fall.

King Valerian grants the Gaspar women sanctuary. But the Gaspar men won’t stop fighting until every Shadow Shifter is dead. One side won’t survive the battle.

*hugs and celebrations*


I see what you did there, life

9 May

Next week a lot of you are going to RT and I’m jealous. For those who don’t know, it’s a huge conference for those who love the romance genre. Which I support! Completely (in case you haven’t figured out by now that I love romance).

Anyway, I was really seriously thinking about going this year but things didn’t work out.

Now, it turns out that events have come up which means I wouldn’t get to go anyway. I won’t tell you the what because it’s not my what to tell. But I’ll be needed at home.

It always surprises me when things seem to work out this way. If I would have made all the plans like I’d originally wanted, I’d be canceling now. Since things didn’t work out initially, I’m not in the position where I have to do that.

I’m grateful but I also just want to say… I see what you did there, life.

Life seems to have that coyness about it. Obstacles get in the way. Nothing goes as scheduled.

A lot of the time I think one way is the only way things can work out. When it doesn’t, I’m crushed.

Later on, once I have some perspective, I can look back. In those moments I start to see the why. I see why it didn’t work out and I even start to see the better path that might be out in front of me.

In those moments I realize I just need to have faith. It’s the hardest thing of all to have, especially when things aren’t going according to the plan. But the plan rarely works out.

Since the beginning of my publishing journey I’ve always had a plan. The plan has changed many times, but I’ve always had a plan.

The challenge was convincing other people to join the plan train. I wanted to tell people, no, seriously, I have a plan! I just need you to hop on at this stop and we’ll make the rest of the journey together.

It’s really hard to convince a stranger to get on a train with you when they don’t know the destination. They really have to believe in whatever reason they get on the train in the first place. Because who knows where it will end up?

I think I’ve learned the plan has to be flexible. A person needs the willingness to change and alter and step outside the comfort zone of the train cart. Or in other words, they need to get up on the roof.

*climbs up without looking down at the landscape speeding by*

I am borrowing the Titanic trend and standing on the roof with my hands held out wide. Probably because I’ve always wanted to fly.

But I’m also closing my eyes because I’m terrified like WOAH.

I’m getting really tired of letting fear stop me. There’s no Jack holding me, so I suppose I’ll just have to fly by myself and hope for some wings.

Have a great weekend. On Monday I’ll have a post that has to do with Mean Girls and writing. And a picture of a fish. What?! All three… I know, don’t miss it.


Wait, my husband likes what?

7 May

This post includes one title that could be construed as inappropriate (totally your call), one picture of a t-shirt that involves both otters and wizards (yes, you read that right), and a lesson on relationships that takes some people (in this case me) eight years to learn.

I want to start with the most important of the three (obviously the t-shirt) but I’ll save that until the end as a teaser.

This all started with my husband not feeling 100% well on his birthday. Health has not been something easily achieved in our household this year (part of the reason for my absence), but since the blog isn’t about that, I’ll skim over that part.

Basically, I couldn’t do my original plan for his birthday. So I asked him what he wanted to do. And he said he wanted to go the Aquarium.

I believe my response was something like, why?

He said… he likes the Aquarium.

Wait, what?

I didn’t know this. You’d think you’d know something like this about someone you’ve spent eight years with, but no. Never came up.

If I was a more observant person, I suppose I could have noticed the fish tank that showed up in our house one day after I specifically said, you can get a fish tank but I’m not touching it (too many fish memorials in my youth).

Having a fish tank in your home might symbolize that you might also enjoy the Aquarium but this did not compute in my brain.

Which just goes to show, it doesn’t really matter how long you love someone. They can always surprise you. 😀

Has a partner in a relationship ever surprised you?

And guess what people like us buy at Aquariums?

Did you guess a Harry Potter otter shirt?

Because you are correct!

Hairy Otter Shirt

Normal people go to the Aquarium and still manage to share their HP love. Or… I hear it’s normal.

Happy hump day! (Love those camel commercials… Lol.)

And shout out to all the #WANA1012. Great party last night!

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Endured Cover Reveal and Blurb!

5 May

I’m happy to share the cover of ENDURED!

Endured, Shadowed Love, Romance Novel, Fantasy Romance, Kinley Baker, Rain, Sword

And the BLURB!

Princess Arianna rises up to defend the women of the Gaspar from the men who made her a victim. Her pain is raw. Her need for the one man out of her reach is vicious. She must save the Gaspar women and prove her worth to a kingdom who questions her strength.

The Head Guard, Reid, depends on his control to tame the darkness inside him because his secrets are better locked away. Only one woman holds the key to breaking him completely. His loyalty is first to the king. Or is it? Ari has the power to bring him to his knees. With his inevitable death by the shadows looming on the horizon, he can’t afford to fall.

King Valerian grants the Gaspar women sanctuary. But the Gaspar men won’t stop fighting until every Shadow Shifter is dead. One side won’t survive the battle.

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I’m happy to guest blog any time in May if you’ll allow me to visit! Please e-mail me at or leave a comment.

Also RUINED (click here) and DENIED (click here) are still on sale for $2.99 each. 🙂

Thank you!

Irony, my name is Kinley

28 Apr

Over the weekend I promised to return to blogging on Monday. Of course, I had several posts ready so I was very confident. But as usual, those posts didn’t seem right for today when I went back and looked at them.

This is ironic, because for those of you who visit, you know that last year I ended the year feeling silenced. It wasn’t a silence forced on me by anyone but myself. Every time I wrote something I would doubt if it was too controversial or if it would be taken the wrong way.

It doesn’t help that every day the internet shows us an example of words taken out of context or something stated that’s still so shocking, even the internet is outraged.

I’m guilty of feeling safer being quiet rather than putting myself out there. But when someone is so safe, I think they lose a bit of themselves.

So, in an effort to not allow myself the comfort of not posting, I’m posting today.

It’s nothing brilliant or remarkable or any of the things I think writers hope to be.

It’s simply that I told you I would return and I have. Maybe at some point I’ll even manage to be funny. It feels like a long while since I’ve been funny.

Last year I ended at the blog promising to speak more and I disappeared for almost five months. There were reasons, and I’ll post on them, but for today, I think it’s important to remember not to lose ourselves because we’re afraid of how we’ll be perceived. I know a lot of you don’t struggle with this as much because I watch you online and I’m jealous that you’re rock stars and confident in your identities. 🙂

But I struggle with it, as you might have figured out. Maybe this is just my way of saying I don’t want to be afraid anymore. Being a writer, you have to take chances and live with the fallout. It’s always been the fallout that worries me.

I might have feared I didn’t have the strength. But strength doesn’t come from nowhere, does it? It’s hard earned.

These are a few of the lessons I learned while writing the Shadowed Love trilogy. Sometimes my characters teach me more about myself than I’d like.

The heroines in the Shadowed Love books taught me that there isn’t only one kind of strength, fear is relative, and some things are so important it’s worth the sacrifice to fight.

With the release of Book Three, Endured, on May 15th, this is really hitting home lately.

If you haven’t had a chance to read Ruined (Book One) and Denied (Book Two), I’m happy to announce they are on sale for a limited time at Amazon for $2.99 in eBooks.

RUINED ~ A king falls for his forbidden Healer, but is the forbidden exactly what the kingdom needs to survive?

DENIED ~ When two warriors fight for supremacy in a battle of the heart, will they both thrive in victory?

For blurbs and excerpts, visit HERE.

I’m glad to be back.
Kinley Baker