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The moment my husband made my life and SYTYCD

8 Aug
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My dance move.

Some of you might think my husband made my life on those key pivotal days like the day we decided marriage was a good idea or the day we actually pledged ‘til death do us part, but that is not the case.

The actual day my husband made my life was yesterday and it was has everything to do with So You Think You Can Dance.

This is my first season viewing and I don’t know what I’ve been doing with my life until now! I am so obsessed it is ridiculous. It is the single show I watch in real time and I’m actually looking forward to Wednesday as a day of the week, which never happens!

Last night we were watching and my husband said *deadpan* “I don’t think he’s making the train.”

Then I erupted into hysterical laughter because he doesn’t even watch the show! He shouldn’t even know what the train is…

Yet, he does and he watched Ricky’s performance and he was not sure he’d make the train.

But then all the other judges went with their feedback and they all LOVED and he said again *deadpan* “Maybe he will make the train.”

This is exactly why I write romance. He totally made my life with this comment. It doesn’t make any sense but it happened.

I want all of you to be surrounded by people who make your life!!! I want all of you to love and be loved and succeed and have gold flaked ice cream.

This is from my most optimistic heart but it’s still true.

I want everyone to be happy and weather the storms. I want to write stories that are flickering lights in the darkness because if you haven’t noticed, life really sucks sometimes.

That’s why I’m here. That’s why I blog. That’s why I write.

Find the people who make your life, and never let them go. Unless they want you to… I’m not condoning stalking.

The blog ends here, but can I just say I’m cheating on Ricky with Casey?!?!?! Casey is underrated and AMAZING.

I’m more likely to leave my husband for Jessica, but I have massive crushes on Casey and Ricky. And this is from someone who does not crush celebrities.

Kinley Baker (@KinleyBaker)
Kinley Cade (@KinleyCade)


Dance battles to solve the world’s problems

18 Mar

Destiny ensured I was an average dancer because if I was an amazing dancer, I would solve all my problems with dance battles. I’m not kidding.

Out of coffee at work? Dance battle. New arrangement at the grocery store? Dance battle. Argument with my husband? Dance… Well, you get the idea.

This is my dream. And since this would plague the lives of those around me, the world chose not to bestow me with those powers. Super disappointing.

The only thing more disappointing is not being able to sing. I am a rock star in my heart. You’re welcome. If I thought I was a rock star anywhere else, the universe would suffer.

Despite the fact I would not win a dance battle, I do think it would be interesting to use them to solve the world’s problems.

This always works out well in dance movies. I LOVE dance movies. I watched a ton this weekend. You can blame them for this post.

But seriously, people. More dance battles.

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)

A world where I can look like a damsel, swear like a sailor, and party like a rock star

11 Mar

I wish we could live in a world that didn’t judge us for the shadows of who we’re supposed to be. People are too intricate to be defined by something that offers no clarity.

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A shadow of yourself.

I’m fascinated by the relationships that form the solid threads of the world we live in. I could read for hours or days—and sometimes do—about what gender roles mean and how they reflect the lives we embrace as men and women.

I can see the strengths and weaknesses of the roles we’ve constructed for everyone. At the end of the day, my wishes are pretty simple.

I wish I could live in a world where I can like Star Trek and rock out to Taylor Swift in the mornings. I wish I could live in a world where I can cheer on a good tackle in football, but will forever appreciate the grace of figure skating.

A world where something as different as football and figure skating can be viewed with equal athletic strength.

No one would ever call me domestic. No one would ever call me a hip hop dancer, either. Yet I dance, just as I force myself to clean the house. I made a commitment to my family unit, and while my husband does the cooking and cleans the kitchen, it’s really only fair if I handle the laundry and the upstairs (to be honest, I’m the one in the relationship who struggles to pull my weight in the domestic sphere).

Working full time and bringing home a wage gives me a sense of accomplishment. In the event that things change and I have the privilege to stay home with my (hopefully) future children, I don’t want someone to judge me for my choices.

All that should concern them is that the choices are mine. I don’t want to be told that I choose to stay at home because society decided that’s where I belong. If I make that decision, I feel I belong there. I’m much too restless to allow society to win with no arguments.

The worst part of the gender dynamics for me is when I fall into the stereotypes that people I respect speak out against. Activists want women to stand as strong and smart individuals. I’m not sure I’m a good representative of either.

It’s not very hard to make me look ditzy. I confess. My strength in life is not recounting facts of any kind. I tend to stare blankly if I don’t know the answer to a question.

If you want me to look uneducated, you can ask me who the seventh President of the United States was, and I wouldn’t be able to tell you on the spot without Google. The only thing I remember about history is that there were a lot of wars.

I graduated from college with honors though, which just adds to the irony of this post.

To me, equality is about having all the choices available, and not being judged for what we decide. Even if that means we fall into the stereotypes. Like it or not, we have expectations based on past experiences.

History has shown it repeats (I remember that much), so part of our perception isn’t wrong. The only way we’ll move forward is to embrace the past.

Let’s not force people to do what they don’t want just because they feel they have to rebel against established practices.

If I had my way, I’d be a mass of contradictions and I’d embrace them all. As much as I love the shadows and have explored their power in fiction, in the real world, shadows hide too much. I don’t want to hide who I am anymore. I don’t want society to decide who that is either.

I don’t want to be less, just because I’m complicated. I don’t want to lose respect, just because I like cheesy movies. I don’t want to act like I have all the answers, just to earn credibility.

If someone tells you they have all the answers, run. None of us do. Why can’t we make that okay? Ironies and contradictions are fascinating. How do we go about remembering that?

We can’t be everything. We can’t be one thing. We should be able to be who we are in peace without having to qualify the parts of us that don’t fit into the boxes.

I don’t fit inside boxes. But then, if I was in a box I’d probably get claustrophobic.

What do you think? Do you have two passions that completely contradict? Do you think we can get to a point where equality equals choice?

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)

The Shopping Cart Music Video

22 Feb

This week I found myself attempting to do a lot of deep breathing exercises.

(I was a figure skater in another life, so I’ve done yoga and pilates and just about every trendy thing that was all the fitness rage in the 90s.)

I brought my arms above my head while inhaling.

*Paused for a count of three*

Then dropped those hands back down with a nice, relaxing exhale.

After a few minutes, I felt centered, relaxed, and calm.

Or not.

Stress is one of those things that haunt us throughout our lives. Sometimes I get that fever feeling when I’m overwhelmed. I don’t know where to go next or how to turn.

My face burns like I’m sick, but I know it’s just the strain of the day. As much as I want to conquer that panic mountain, sometimes I can’t.

No yoga, pilates, or deep breathing will save me.

It was one of those weeks. If you had one of those weeks, I’m sorry. I know I can’t fix it, but I care. *virtual hugs*

You might be wondering how that relates to the title of this post.

While I’ve been attempting to finish my deadline book (due March 7th in case you’re wondering), I’ve also been hoping and dreaming that one of my ultimate wishes would come true.

That my super, fantastic idea might finally enter the world into existence.

Something that would solve all the universe’s problems.

Everything would be perfect.

If only…

I could make The Shopping Cart Music Video happen.

The Shopping Cart is a dance move that I really wish I could videotape. I haven’t quite figured out how to do it (mental roadblocks). I’m not entirely sure I ever will.

It’s nothing fancy.

Imagine walking down the aisle at a grocery store—with a little pep to your step—while pretending to place items into your imaginary basket.

YES, it’s as awesome as it sounds.

You might want to use fake cans like this:

Cans, Olives, Kinley Baker, Romance Author, The Shopping Cart, Dance Moves

Or, well, I guess this (since they’re fake):

Cans, Olives, Kinley Baker, Romance Author, The Shopping Cart, Dance Moves

In my mind, I rent out a supermarket and play some hardcore music.

*taps foot to the beat*

Someone plays lead and pretends to start the dance like this wasn’t planned. No, no. This was an accident.

The music comes on full force, people gather around, and then there’s that fake pause, as though no one knows what’s going on.

But then whaaat?

Flash mob!

We all do The Shopping Cart up and down the aisles.

I can see it like it’s already been filmed.

The vision makes me happy. So, so happy.

In my happy place, I am an amazing dancer.

Sometimes we just need to take a deep breath and dance a little. Whether it’s a ridiculous move like The Shopping Cart, or a simple side-to-side shuffle, when life gets stressful, everyone should dance.

Life would be better if it were a musical. I wish I could sing. Laaa…

I dream about a world in which YouTube embraced The Shopping Cart Music Video.

This always makes me think of Footloose. I am such a sucker for angry dance scenes. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad. Every time, I want to yell at the screen, you just dance it out!

What do you think? How do you deal with stress? Have you ever wondered if life would be brighter if you could bust out into song?

Don’t be shy. This is a blog, so we don’t actually expect you to sing. You can even pretend you’re a great singer here. No judgment.

If you tell me you’re a great dancer, I believe you. Just like I will pretend I am a great dancer. You won’t know differently until I post a video and show you. Don’t expect a video anytime soon. Unless it’s The Shopping Cart Music Video!

Have an excellent weekend. And remember to dance.

Also, my favorite part of this blog post is when I told my husband: “I need to take a picture of cans.”

I’m not telling you his response.

Kinley Baker (@kinleybaker)