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January Stats

20 Feb

Hey all!

My weekly Monday blog posts fell off because we had some fun times but everything is fine and hopefully we’ll approach normal at some point. Whatever that is. Ha.

Shoot, I see my supposed-to-be-napping son moving on the baby monitor. I better do this fast!

Beginning in 2016, it was my intention to post my writing stats at the end of each month to keep myself accountable and remember at the end of 2016 I did indeed work beyond the obvious things. Here’s January!

January Stats:
New Word Count: 24,722
Other Writing: 6,013
Total New Books Read: 5
Total Books Re-Read: 2

All in all a great month! Unfortunately life turned sideways so I haven’t written new words yet this month. I did revise a manuscript though. This month won’t be completely empty, plus there are books I’ve read and other writerly administrative tasks. For instance, I wrote a synopsis.

Overall, lots of new changes! I’m still trying to adjust to everything. I’m pretty sure this will be ongoing…forever?


Next week, I’ll do an excellent blog post about puppies or something equally as cool (not that there is anything). Everyone loves puppies. I do!


See? 🙂

UPDATED: Oh! I forgot. Also, I’d love if you shared your January Stats in the comments or did a post and linked it. I’d really like to start a fun accountability group. But sometimes these things just have to start naturally so we’ll see.

Much love!